Tire Recycling

Lakin Tire is giving new life to old, unusable tires through creative thinking, innovative recycling processes and optimized scrap-tire management.

Minimize Used Tire Waste

Our commitment to recycling used tires is stronger than ever. Lakin Tire employs advanced technologies and streamlined processes to unlock more value from used tire waste. We continue to invest in new ways to recycle used tires not suitable for the road. Our efforts have been at the forefront of the industry for almost 100 years to create new uses for recycled tires, and better more efficient management of scrap tires.

All shapes, sizes, weights, and ages – we want to recycle them.

Lakin Tire actively works with our customers and partners to recycle more. We believe we can make recycling used tires easier, efficient and more productive. We have invested in state-of-the-art tire recycling equipment and facilities to effectively process scrap tires. Transforming them from waste to innovative, useful products.

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Everything we do is with these objectives in mind:

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See Our Process

Watch how Lakin Tire's Smart Tire Recycling works. As seen on the History Channel

Destination green through recycling tires

Recycled tires are all around you, and most people don’t even know it. Here are just a few of the ways Lakin Tire and our partners transform discarded and used tires into practical products.

  • Civil Engineering Applications / Tire Derived Aggregate

    Quieter roads, safer highways, better drainage, and stronger lightweight walls are just a few examples of innovative uses of the scrap tires we recycle. With our partners, we transform scrap tires into tire-derived aggregate used in many civil engineering applications. Projects include freeway construction in Riverside, CA and slide repair in Humbolt and Mendocino Counties.

  • Rubberized Asphalt

    Rubber Asphalt is used to strengthen and enhance liquid asphalt in our nation’s roadways. It improves skid resistance and reduces cracks and rutting of our roads all while lowering the cost of maintenance with fewer materials and longer road life.

  • Tire Derived Fuel

    From waste to power, Lakin Tire transforms scrap tires into materials used to power a range of industries. Cement processing plants, power plants, waste-to-energy plants and industrial boilers all use raw materials derived from scrap tires to fuel their operations in the proper application. Used tires burn at very high temperatures. At these temperatures, tires burn cleaner than coal. Many states, including California, have pushed industries to use more TDF in order to lower the emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Crumb Rubber Feedstock for Recycled Consumer Products

    Crumb rubber feedstock has universal applications as raw material for a wide range of useful products. Our crumb rubber feedstock is used in molded products important to everyday life:

    • Rubber flooring, removable speed bumps and more
    • Athletic surfaces including playgrounds, sports courts and athletic turf

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