About Lakin Tire

Keeping neighborhoods clean and green since 1918

With almost 100 years of leadership and in-depth experience in the tire industry, we provide safer, smarter removal and recycling of your scrap tires nationwide.

Lakin Tire History

The Lakin family began recycling tires in 1918 and is now one of the largest, most efficient, technologically-advanced tire removal and recycling organizations in the country. We serve customers and communities worldwide with comprehensive tire removal and recycling solutions, with environmentally-friendly processing operations. We are proud to be the exclusive tire removal and recycling partner for more than 6,500 individual tire retailers across the country. Lakin Tire processes over 30 million tires each year, and approximately 1 out of every 5 passenger tires in the United States is managed by Lakin Tire. We are often approached as a valuable resource by both government and industry leaders to help shape the industry to benefit all.

Lakin Tire's goal is to provide world class service at the best competitive price while using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal methods. Through constant innovation, unparalleled technology, and customer care delivered at every touch point. Lakin Tire provides safer, smarter scrap tire collection and recycling solutions for customers and communities worldwide.

Almost 100 years of leadership and in-depth experience in the tire industry.

The Lakin Tire Commitment

At Lakin Tire we are relentlessly focused on our customers. Customer service is in our DNA and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. From large, national retail chains to small, local tire shops, we create tire collection and recycling programs that simply work better.


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